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Wendy Bevan


Tel: 805-975-7066




Wendy Bevan holds a Paralegal AA Degree from Cuesta College, graduating with high honors, in addition she holds a Certificate in Specialization in Customer Service. Bevan is also licensed and bonded and holds registrations in California as a Legal Document Assistant, Process Server, Deposition Officer and Notary Public with a specialized Loan Signing Certification.


Wendy Bevan’s innovation, sharp mind, adaptability, attention to detail, empathy and passion for her projects are the key driving force behind her career as a legal advocate. Bevan primarily assists self-represented litigants and has, upon special request, also teamed up with law firms to assist by devoting her talents in their more difficult cases.

Bevan, in consultation with and at the direction of her self-represented clients and attorneys, specializes in preparing legal documents, organizing and preparing cases; everything from divorce filings, unlawful detainers, drafting settlement agreements, informal and formal discovery requests, calendaring, financial disclosures, preparing trial exhibits and pleadings.

Before starting her own legal services business, Bevan was an assistant and promoter of her former husband’s fine art business. After her divorce, she moved on to work under the direction of a board as Executive Director for a non-profit, providing services to disadvantaged children. Bevan has volunteered for many boards including various Parent-Teacher Associations, Boy Scouts of America, Main Street Associations, Friends of the Library and most recently The Andrew Holland Foundation, each position involved advocacy.

Relevant Personal History: Over a decade ago, upon filing for divorce, Bevan quickly realized she could benefit from learning how to navigate and understand the court process including presenting her case and evidence in open court. So, Bevan enrolled herself into a paralegal program. While completing her Paralegal Degree, Bevan simultaneously learned to effectively self-represent her divorce case, which included filing an appeal in 2010, resulting in a favorable remand and then several years later Bevan successfully defended her final divorce judgment also on the appellate level. Her appellate defense included presenting oral arguments before a panel of judges from the Second Appellate District where the lower court’s ruling was ultimately upheld. Through the appellate process, Bevan learned to be a self-starter, devour case law, study cases for fact patterns, strategize, and to never give up.

During the past decade, Bevan also successfully brought, argued and won two separate family law contempt of court actions (criminal in nature) while facing opposing party’s defense team herself in Pro Per. Bevan’s presentation of her case in court was so effective and she proved the defendant’s actions were so egregious that it prompted the Superior Court Judge to issue orders which the likes of them had never before been heard of. Upon finding the defendant guilty of dozens of counts of contempt, the defendant was immediately remanded from family court straight to the county jail with special instructions that defendant was “not to be released early” where defendant was spent the entire 30-day sentence in county jail in addition to other penalties.

Bevan knows what it takes to prove a case and she works tirelessly to gather the facts to support the cases she takes on for her clients. Bevan’s moto is “the devil is in the details”.

Wendy has a keen aptitude for the law, employs a commonsense approach, is optimistic and learns from and capitalizes on all of her various life’s experiences to channel her fierce desire to advocate for herself and others. Bevan started her business to provide her services to others by assisting self-represented litigants and attorneys alike. Bevan utilizes and harnesses her practical knowledge, education, observations and vast personal and professional legal experiences to benefit others. Bevan genuinely cares about her clients and by caring Bevan unlocks an unprecedented ability to understand the unique details of each case, retain those details and recall those details which makes her invaluable to any winning legal team.

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