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level the field

We came together because we believe there is a better way to deliver legal services.

Better for our clients.  Better for our professionals.

A way to level the field.

We believe in empowering our clients to get world-class representation on terms that make sense, delivered the way they want.

We believe in empowering our professionals to become trusted counselors with a long-term perspective on business relations, and satisfying careers.

We believe it is important to use our position to make a difference in our communities, our economy, and our profession.


What makes the difference?

LevatoLaw is about empowerment.


Our offices are located in Century City and Irvine, two of Southern California’s innovation centers. 

Century City

Century Plaza Towers

2029 Century Park East, Suite 400

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Tel:  (310) 734-2029


2601 Main Street, Suite 1300

Irvine, CA 92614

Tel:  (310) 734-2039

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