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Education Law

Institutions of higher education operate in a dynamic setting unlike any other, presenting the broadest range of legal issues in a rapidly moving 24/7 environment with a multitude of diverse, and sometimes competing, constituents.

We have deep experience with, and sensitivity to, the unique environment of higher education.  We provide cost-effective representation that protects long-term institutional interests, respects the principles of shared governance, and minimizes disruption to daily operations and the educational mission.

We have handled sophisticated litigation on behalf of colleges at the trial and appellate levels, and in connection with internal and government investigations.  We have provided counsel to boards of trustees, presidents, deans, executive leadership teams and senior staff, faculty committees, and institutional general counsel in such operational areas as governance, compliance, development of policies and procedures, proactive avoidance of legal problems, contract review, crisis management, internal and external dispute resolution, and directing the work of other attorneys in particular specialties. 

While most of our work has been on behalf of institutions, we have in special cases also advised students and parents.

Our education law experience includes the following areas:

  • Presidential appointment and termination

  • Faculty appointment, promotion, tenure and termination

  • Student academic dismissal

  • Student discipline and conduct regulation

  • Athletics compliance and intercollegiate conference policies

  • Grade challenges

  • Constitutional and statutory rights of free expression on campus

  • Academic freedom

  • Harassment and discrimination

  • FERPA compliance

  • Protection of campus private property rights

  • Charitable gift and annuity transactions

  • Civil rights

  • Approvals for campus development

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