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Service. Supercharged. 

The game-changer in our model is our Chief Executive Officer, Sheila Ardalan.  

Sheila is one of our founders, but not a lawyer. As the principal of Levato Consulting Inc.,

Sheila draws on two decades of experience in the legal services sector, bringing a laser focus

and distinct perspective on how we can deliver the highest-quality service in the most

cost-effective way.  

As part of a continuous, collaborative process that tracks our clients throughout the
LevatoLaw journey, Sheila takes in the whole,
enhances communication, and looks for synergies that minimize waste and unlock value for our clients.  Throughout it all, Sheila remains a watchful eye that ensures all of LevatoLaw’s efforts remain aligned with our clients’ immediate objectives and long-term goals.


Good faith underwrites all of Sheila’s efforts to enhance our service to our clients.  If LevatoLaw does not have the lawyer for a client’s needs, we reach out to our extensive professional network to find the right fit.  Sheila can then continue in the same spirit of advocacy for the client in whatever new relationship is formed.

To impress these core values into the fabric of our firm, the founding lawyers committed to a relationship with Levato Consulting, Inc. that amplifies Sheila's influence on the firm’s management and direction.


Embedded Values. 

That is how we created a new kind of law firm which:


  • Takes client service far beyond the duties inherent in the practice of law

  • Never misses a conversation about how we can help because we let the business of law get in the way

  • Has a long-term perspective on every relationship, understanding the value of enduring partnerships

  • Seamlessly integrates our efforts with our clients’ objectives, while expanding our clients’ opportunities beyond our own work

  • Is a welcome participant in our clients’ successes, not a cost they reluctantly have to bear 

  • Takes pride that our clients would have been pleased to pay more, but did not have to.

We also created a firm where we treat each other in the same supportive way that we view our client relationships. 

At LevatoLaw, we deeply value each other’s unique talents, experience, and individual goals.  We blend and build on them. 
We know that each of our lives must form a balanced whole if we are to be at our best.  And we measure the firm’s success by personal satisfaction, not a bottom line.


These core values resonate throughout every aspect of our structure and culture.

It Starts at Home. 

One more thing binds us together:  We are proud to be based in Southern California, the world’s most diverse, vibrant, and innovative place to live, work, and invest.  California’s success as a national and international leader is important to us. 


We also know that the unique promise of California carries distinct challenges, including many that touch the law.  Part of our mission, as contributing citizens, is to tackle those challenges with sensitivity to our local markets and our communities.


We firmly believe the state’s best days are ahead if we pull together.  We aim to do our part.

The Field, Leveled.

We had the power to do all these things because we were building a law firm from scratch.  The status quo in our profession meant nothing.  There were no entrenched interests that had to be satisfied.  Broad ideals went to the top of the list.


Once we stood back and looked at the firm we had created, it felt new and old at the same time.  Fresh, but also familiar at its core  - a throwback to priorities that had waned in our profession, and were deeply missed by lawyers and clients alike.

In looking for innovation in our profession, we had actually rediscovered its soul.


         – Sheila, Terry, Steve, Ron, and Wendy

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